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Peace, Peace, Please,
Please, Peace, Please,

There’s something we should do
That’s not been done
Something we can win
That’s not been won
Something we can SHOUT OUT
To end all their brutal war games
We Want Peace

Case for war was fake,
Don’t let it fade
More lives can be saved
Got to be brave
Something we can shout out,
We want peace, and we want it right now
Talking is Free

All we want is Peace
All we need is Peace
All we ask is Peace, Please
Peace is all we want

All we crave is Peace
All we miss is Peace
All we lack is Peace
Peace is all we want

Something we can ask,
Before it’s blown
Something we can grow
Before it’s grown
Small green shoots of Peace
To educate next infancy
Believe me

All we want is Peace
All we crave is Peace
All we wish is Peace, please

Peace is all we ask
It’s not a big task
Believe me
It’s easy.

All we want is Peace, All we want is Peace,
All we need is Peace, All we need is Peace.
Peace is all we want,
Peace is all we want
Peace is all we need,
Peace is all we need………………



When I said that we’ve been making huge leaps this year, I wasn’t clowning around.

We’ve most recently started a clothing line and are going with the tentative brand name of Black Spartan Clothing. You can find our ads of the custom made designs on our facebook page, that is which mind you is a different page from our official fanpage i.e

However, I’m still gonna post the images of the designs here and if you see something you like you can hala us at 0722387777 or email us at or better yet hit us up right here, comment on the post that is.


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Like I said, its been quite a year for TSE and well, again our apologies for not keeping you guys posted as the stuff went on. This time we had been invited by Bugika Entertainment to take pix of a certain event that they hold bi-annually I think, at Masai Lodge. That night it rained pakas and mbwas. That didnt stop our Paparazzi from doing what he was hired to do, to take good pictures of beautiful people.


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High School Pageants, we’ve all had our fair share of those. Whether or not on the runway they can be quite comical as well as disturbing. I’ve never been on the runway myself but as a professional photographer, I have seen my fair share of tardiness on the cat walk carpet. This time around I wasn’t taking pix though, your’s truly was the resident DJ. I’m pretty sure by now you’ve figured out that TSE deals with practically everything you need event wise or leisure wise.

Anyway, so Nembu Girls High School had as over for the day to organize and manage their beauty pageant. We came across some pix that were taken of how the day went.We had quite some fun with the girls there. The pix aren’t pro quality but they give a visual to that day. Check the slide out.

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Took a trip to Karen, not too long ago. My friend Fridah had invited me to check out the serenity of their yard and I decided I’m not going alone. Picked a couple of my models and called up a certain Lian Capacite who owns the brand “Lian’s Style Collection” and told her to come up to the green and lets take a few shots of serene beauty.

Check out what we came up with.

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Runda Falls

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Entertainment, Kenya, Photography
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Yeeeeh I’ve tried searching for something about Runda Falls on-lineImage but it looks like they aren’t really serious about their marketing and I REALLY want you guys to check out this place so I’m uploading a picture that I took the first time I got there. It was rather impromptu but it sort a tells the story that the models didn’t tell. The story of Mother Nature.


Posted: November 19, 2012 in Entertainment

Our last post about the Garage shoot included some photos from a previous shoot i.e The Dream Catcher Project. Sorry about that but still enjoy the slides. We’re just a bit sleepy hehehe.