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Shot + Edit _ Isiye Kala & Kenny Njuguna 


The Loresho Sky as Darkness comes

I looked up, and I couldn’t resist. The sky always makes me feel so small.


Like I said, its been quite a year for TSE and well, again our apologies for not keeping you guys posted as the stuff went on. This time we had been invited by Bugika Entertainment to take pix of a certain event that they hold bi-annually I think, at Masai Lodge. That night it rained pakas and mbwas. That didnt stop our Paparazzi from doing what he was hired to do, to take good pictures of beautiful people.


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Kenya High Tech Motors, you’ve probably not heard of them but they are responsible for most of those roaring high revving machines on the tarmac that cause alarms to flaring. Anyway, they were so kind as to give us they’re junk yard space for an idea we came up with.
The clad was brought to us courtesy of Michiko Art and Dafina Fashions.

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The ISO was set a bit high on the imaging here but I find it brings some unique look to the pix. Check them out.
Photography by: SnakeEyes Kala